White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers

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Dezember 2005



Studies of the criminal career to date have focused on common criminals and street crime; criminologists have overlooked the careers of white-collar offenders. David Weisburd and Elin Waring offer here the first detailed examination of the criminal careers of people convicted of white-collar crimes. Weisburd and Waring uncover some surprising findings, which upset common wisdom about white-collar criminals. Their findings illustrate the misplaced emphasis of previous scholarship in focusing on the categorical distinctions between criminals and noncriminals.


1. White collar crime and criminal careers; 2. Dimensions of official criminal careers; 3. Crimes of crisis and opportunity; 4. Chronic offenders; 5. Prison sanctions and criminal careers; 6. Understanding recidivism; 7. Conclusions; Appendix A. Description of statutory offenses; Appendix B. Comparison of the Wheeler et al. and the current sample; Notes; References.


'This book refutes the simplistic notion that poverty causes crime. The idea that criminals are in some way different from the rest of society and only to be found in the most impoverished urban estates may be reassuring but it is certainly false.' Irish Jurist
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