African Archaeology

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David Phillipson presents an illustrated account of African prehistory, from the origins of humanity through European colonization in this revised and expanded edition of his original work. Phillipson considers Egypt and North Africa in their African context, comprehensively reviewing the archaeology of West, East, Central and Southern Africa. His book demonstrates the relevance of archaeological research to understanding contemporary Africa and stresses the continent's contribution to the cultural heritage of humankind.


1. Introduction; 2. The emergence of humankind in Africa; 3. The consolidation of basic human culture; 4. Regional diversification and specialisation; 5. The beginnings of permanent settlement; 6. Early farmers; 7. Iron-using peoples before 1000; 8. The second millennium AD in Sub-Saharan Africa; Bibliography.


David W. Phillipson FBA is Professor of African Archaeology and Director of the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. He is a Fellow of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge.


' ... an important updated summary and synthesis of our knowledge of Africa's distant past and Phillipson deserves to be congratulated for this undertaking. It provides a ready and readable reference source for students and the layman interested in the archaeology and prehistory of Africa ... Phillipson's important achievement here is to bring together as much of the research material as possible into a single book, accompanying this with his own interpretation of the various types of evidence based on his long experience in research and writing in African archaeology.' Journal of African Archaeology
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