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The present volume is intended to be a synopsis of seizure disorders with a goal of describing key studies in animals and humans. The translation of pertinent findings from animal studies to human studies, and to potential human studies will be emphasized. Specific cogent animal studies/results which deserve exploration in human seizure disorders will be detailed. The current rate of translation is estimated to be from 7-9 years, and the "success" rate of translation was very recently listed as less than one half. The success rate is defined as results in human studies which were predicted in advance by animal studies. Both the time between animal and human attempts plus the success rate need improvement.


Prologue: World Health Concerns, Incidence, Costs, etc.- Section 1 Animal Partial.- Chapter 1: Simple Partial.- Chapter 2: Complex Partial.- Section 2 Animal Generalized.- Chapter 3: Tonic Clonic.- Chapter 4: Tonic.-Chapter 5: Atonic.- Chapter 6: Myoclonic.-Chapter 7: Absence .- Section 3 Animal.- Chapter 8: Unclassified-Mixed.- Chapter 9: Nocturnal.- Section 4 Human Partial.- Chapter 10: Simple Partial.-Chapter 11: Simple complex.- Section 5 Human Generalized.- Chapter 12: Tonic Clonic.- Chapter 13: Tonic.- Chapter 14: Atonic.- Chapter 15: Myoconic.- Chapter 16: Absence.- Section 6 Human.- Chapter 17: Unclassified-Mixed.- Chapter 18: Nocturnal.- Section 7 Miscellaneous.- Chapter 19: Pediatric Considerations.- Chapter 20 : Surgery.- Chapter 21: Status Epilepticus.- Chapter 22: Epilogue



About the Author: The work of Dr. David W. McCandless spanned over 35 years of laboratory research into basic mechanisms of various metabolic encephalopathies. He was the Founding Editor of the journal Metabolic Brain Disease (Springer), now in its 27th year. Dr. McCandless served on the faculty or research staff at The University of Vermont College of Medicine, NIH-NINCDS, University of Texas Medical School at Houston, and The Chicago Medical School, and was a visiting professor at Washington University School of Medicine. Most recently, he served as the John J. Sheinin Professor of Anatomy in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at The Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, IL, USA.


"This is a comprehensive text and atlas on animal and human studies of Epilepsy. ... I highly recommend this book to the following audiences: students, fellows, researchers, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and undergraduates." (Joseph J. Grenier,, September, 2015) "For the clinical neurologists and epileptologists dedicated to the care of children and adults affected with epilepsy, a concise book like Epilepsy ... is a good attempt to become a source for those seeking rapid immersion in the essentials of translational epilepsy research that have tried to explain those critical aspects of epileptogenesis that involve acquired and developmental seizures. ... it is a good foundation for those looking for a quick initial reference, which may not be available in rapidly accessible vast internet sources." (Luis E. Bello-Espinosa, The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, Vol. 40 (1), January, 2013)
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