Strategic Marketing

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Discusses the concepts and processes for gaining the competitive advantage in the marketplace. This book is designed around the marketing strategy process with an emphasis on analysis, planning, and implementation. It uses a decision-making process to examine the concepts and issues involved in analyzing and selecting strategies.


Part 1: Strategic Marketing 1 Imperatives for Market-Driven Strategy 2 Markets And Competitive Space 3 Strategic Market Segmentation 4 Strategic Customer Relationship Management 5 Capabilities For Learning About Customers and Markets Cases for Part II Case 2-1 Pfizer Inc. Case 2-2 Ikea Case 2-3 China and India: Opportunities and Challenges Case 2-4 Johnson & Johnson Part III: Designing Market-Driven Strategies 6 Market Targeting and Strategic Positioning 7 Strategic Relationships 8 Innovation and New Product Strategy Cases for Part III Case 3-1 Walt Disney Co. Case 3-2 Intel Corp. Case 3-3 McDonald's Case 3-4 Tesco PLC Part IV: Market-Driven Program Development 9 Strategic Brand Management 10 Value Chain Strategy 11 Pricing Strategy 12 Promotion, Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategies 13 Sales Force, Internet and Direct Marketing Strategies Cases for Part IV Case 4-1 Microsoft Corp. (A). Case 4-2 Nike Inc. Case 4-3 Dell Inc. Case 4-4 Hewlett-Packard Co. Part V: Implementing and Managing Market-Driven Strategies 14 Designing Market-Driven Organizations 15 Marketing Strategy Implementation and Control Appendix 15A Marketing Metrics Cases for Part V Case 5-1 Verizon Communications Inc. Case 5-2 Home Depot Inc. Case 5-3 Yahoo! Inc. Case 5-4 Nissan Motor Co. Part VI: Comprehensive Cases Case 6-1 Microsoft Corp. (B) Case 6-2 Samsung Electronics Case 6-3 General Electric Appliances Case 6-4 Slendertone Case 6-5 Toyota Case 6-6 Coca-Cola (B) Case 6-7 Keurig Inc. Case 6-8 Dura-Plast, Inc. Case 6-9 Wal-Mart Case 6-10 Blair Water Purifiers India Case 6-11 Murphy Brewery Ireland, Limited Case 6-12 Dairyland Seed Company Case 6-13 International Business Machines Case 6-14 L'Oreal Nederland B.V Case 6-15 ESPN Case 6-16 Cowgirl Chocolates Case 6-17 Procter & Gamble Co. Case 6-18 Inc. Case 6-19 Nanophase Technologies CorporationvCase 6-20 Cola Wars in China Case 6-21 Smith & Nephew---Innovex Case 6-22 Sun Microsystems (B) Case 6-23 Telus Mobility Case 6-24 Tri-Cities Community Bank Case 6-25 Cima Mountaineering Inc.
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