Car Hacks and Mods For Dummies

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Turn the car you have into the car you wantHere's how to get faster acceleration, shorter stopping, better handling, and more Ever wish you'd been invited to the design and engineering meetings when your car was being created? Well, here's how to add what they forgot and change what bugs you! This handy guide steers you safely past warranty pitfalls, shows you what modifications are legal, provides performance tips, and helps you make your car look cool.Discover How To: Set up your car for better corneringImprove appearance with detailingChoose add-ons that work with your carMatch your braking power to your horsepowerBoost mileage by hacking the computer


Foreword. Introduction.
Part I: Owning a Performance Car.
Chapter 1: Cool Car Basics.
Chapter 2: Planning It Smart.
Part II: Safety.
Chapter 3: Balanced Performance.
Chapter 4: Safety Gear.
Part III: Rims and Rubber.
Chapter 5: Tires.
Chapter 6: Wheels.
Part IV: Stylin'.
Chapter 7: Fashion Is a Fickle Thing.
Chapter 8: Vanity? Performance? A Little of Both?
Chapter 9: Detailing 101.
Part V: Slowing Down.
Chapter 10: Slowing Down.
Chapter 11: Basic Braking Bolt-Ons.
Part VI: Corner Carver.
Chapter 12: I Just Want to Hang (Onto the Road).
Chapter 13: Basic Handling Bolt-Ons.
Chapter 14: Get on the Diet!
Part VII: Let's Go!
Chapter 15: Basic Power Bolt-Ons.
Chapter 16: Building a Strong Foundation.
Chapter 17: Thinking of Adding Boost.
Chapter 18: Have Boost, Need More.
Part VIII: Faster Thinking.
Chapter 19: Scanning the Codes.
Chapter 20: What's inside Your Car's Brain.
Chapter 21: Reflashes and EPROM Swaps.
Chapter 22: Black Boxes.
Chapter 23: Integrated Piggybacks.
Chapter 24: Full Standalone ECUs.
Part IX: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 25: Ten Online Resources.
Chapter 26: Ten Car Modding Problems. Index.


David Vespremi is the founder of Boost Communications, a PR and marketing agency for automotive tuning companies. He develops program segments on automotive high performance for TechTV.
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