Walking in Space

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Over the past 35 years more than 100 individual astronauts and cosmonauts have performed nearly 200 EVAs, (spacewalks), either singularly or in teams in Earth orbit, deep space or on the Moon. In 'Walking in Space: Development of Space Walking Techniques' the author, Dave Shayler, shows how hardware and crew members are prepared for, protected and supported during every EVA. He demonstrates how past experiences have led to improved training techniques and how this, in turn, has provided many successes and future developments.


Dedication.- Foreword by Dr. Jeffery A. Hoffman.- Authors preface.- Acknowledgements, glossary, notes.- List of tables.- List of illustrations.- Prologue.- Theory put to the test.- Gemini pioneering the technique.- Planning for EVA.- Tools of the trade.- Practise makes perfect.- Surface exploration.- Service calls.- Helping Hubble.- Station support.- Constructing ISS.- Next steps.- Conclusion.- Appendix, Bibliography and references, Index.


From the reviews:
"Shayler's book provides a step by step account of the development of this extraordinary technique and the technology that supports it. ... It is well researched and referenced, includes a bibliography and an index, and is illustrated with black-and-white photos. A significant addition is the appendix ... . This book provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of space walking and represents a useful addition to the literature." (International Space Review, September, 2005)
"This book is a concise account of the development of the techniques of extra vehicular activity, more commonly known as EVA or 'space walks'. ... tends to provide a good description of the EVA's associated with the various space programmes. ... This book meets all the high quality standards ... books published by Springer-Praxis over the past five years or so." (Jos Heyman, New Bulletin of the Astronautical Society of Western Australia, Vol. 30 (3), 2004)
"David Shayler's latest book looks at one of his favourite subjects, extra vehicular activity, and it shows. It covers all aspects of EVA in both the American and Russian programmes. ... It has a large number of illustrations, technical drawings and a complete record of all EVAs. ... This is an essential book for those who are interested in space walks, the technology as well as Moon walks." (Rex Hall, Spaceflight, Vol. 47 (5), 2005)
"David Shayler's account of the history of extravehicular activity (EVA) is an authoritative tightly packed inventory ... . The minutiae of detail are remarkable. The book has obviously been researched to a high degree ... . This is more a book for someone seriously interested in the subject ... . it is absolutely packed with information, and with its well presented 170 illustrations it is very readable. ... All in all, an excellent and definitive reference book on the subject ... ." (John Masters, Astronomy & Space, February, 2005)

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