The Losing Battle with Islam

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November 2005



In this comprehensive study of the Islamic revival from 1947 to the present, historian Selbourne traces in detail the complex causes motivating the rise of Muslim fundamentalism in many countries and the West's largely uncomprehending response to it.


The Misnaming; A Bad Press; The Hostile Round; Beyond Reason; Israel and Jews; Into the Moral Labyrinth; Taking Liberties; Thinking within Limits; The Force of Faith; Against Illusion; Index.


David Selbourne is a historian who taught for two decades at Ruskin College, Oxford, the college of the British labour movement. He is also a freelance writer who has written for The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, New Statesman, and India Today. Among his many books are The Principle of Duty and The Spirit of the Age.


"[S]erves both as a chronicle of the past 50 years of the Islamic 'reawakening' and a warning that Western responses to it are misguided and counter-productive." -Middle East Journal
"Selbourne...writes with an unusual and refreshing clarity and honesty....eminently worth reading -- and eminently worth passing on to the many, many pollyannas among us." - Jihad Watch
"[Selbourne's] argument is that no matter how you look at it, the economic, social and religious rise of Islam is motivated by a sense of Muslim determination to free their world from Western subordination: a determination which could hold wide-ranging impact for the West....essential reading for any definitive collection on terrorism of Middle East politics." - Midwest Book Review, Internet Bookwatch
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