Mass Transport in Solids and Fluids

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November 2000



The field of matter transport is central to understanding the processing of materials and their subsequent mechanical properties. This text gives a solid grounding in the principles of matter transport and their application to a range of engineering problems. The author develops a unified treatment of mass transport applicable to both solids and liquids. Traditionally, matter transport in fluids is considered as an extension of heat transfer and can appear to have little relationship to diffusion in solids. This unified approach clearly makes the connection between these important fields. Aimed at advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students of materials science and engineering and related disciplines, the book contains numerous worked examples and unsolved problems.


Part I. Overview: 1. Introduction to mass transport; Part II. Solid State Diffusion in Dilute Alloys: 2. Steady-state diffusion; 3. Transient diffusion problems; 4. Applications to problems in materials engineering; 5. Applications involving solid-gas reactions; 6. Heat treatment of binary alloys; Part III. Mass Transport in Fluids and Concentrated Alloys: 7. Diffusion in fluids and concentrated alloys; 8. Mass transport in the presence of convection; 9. Advanced topics; 10. General driving force for diffusion; Appendices: A. Mathematical method for the solution of Fick's second law; B. Selected diffusion data; C. Selected binary phase diagrams; D. Solving problems by developing conceptual models.


'... with its good, flowing English (easy for students to understand), clear layout - especially of equations, and ample examples of real practical cases, this book has very few faults. I have no hesitation in recommending this book for use in UK universities as a course reference book. The book would also be useful for anybody, including relevant physicists and chemists. In addition to materials scientists and engineers, as a reference book in research, development and even day-to-day technical problem-solving tasks.' Dr Wei Sha, Materials World
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