Executive's Guide to Personal Security

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As a company or an individual, you cannot control the desire and the ability of criminals and terrorists. However, you have full control over effectively lowering your risk of being attacked by increasing security measuresphysical, technical, and procedural. The less vulnerable we are, the less attractive we are to any criminal or terrorist planning an attack. Let Executives Guide to Personal Security show you how to ensure safety both at home and abroad. Order your copy today!


Preface. Introduction. Chapter 1. Target: Corporate America. Chapter 2. Awareness. Chapter 3. General Recommendations. Chapter 4. Know Where You Are Going: Pre-Travel Research. Chapter 5. Preparing to Travel. Chapter 6. Residing Abroad. Chapter 7. Vehicle Safety Measures. Chapter 8. Principles of Route Selection. Chapter 9. Protective Equipment. Chapter 10. Countersurveillance. Chapter 11. Receipt of Mail and Packages. Chapter 12. Physical Site Security. Chapter 13. Technological Security. Chapter 14. Emergency Response Planning. Chapter 15. Bomb Threats and Bombings. Chapter 16. Hotel Safety and Security. Chapter 17. Hijacked. Chapter 18. Hostage Survival. Chapter 19. Commercial Espionage. Chapter 20. Violence in the Workplace. Chapter 21. Criminal Activity. Chapter 22. Studying Abroad. Index. Appendix . Security and Awareness Checklists and Forms. Appendix B. List of Vendors.


David S. Katz is a former senior special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. He is an expert in conducting complex international criminal investigations, high-risk arrests, undercover operations, physical and technical surveillance, and intelligence analysis. He also spent four years as a primary firearms instructor at the FBI/DEA Academy, where he taught firearms and tactics. In addition, he is an expert in physical site security and the tactical use and deployment of bullet and explosive-resistant armor and glass. Ilan Caspi is a former senior Israeli Secret Service officer who has served in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. During his assignment in Washington, he conducted a review of existing embassy security protocols and implemented improvements. He is a practiced expert in conducting threat assessments and analyzing security intelligence data. He has managed security operations at key facilities and public events and is a dignitary protection specialist.
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