Joining New Families: A Study of Adoption and Fostering in Middle Childhood

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Joining New Families is based on a research study which followed 61 children who were placed, between 5 and 9 years old, with adoptive or permanent foster families. Most of the children had previously been maltreated. The study focused on the problems and strengths that these children brought to their new families; how the new families coped; and the factors associated with the placements becoming stable and secure. The authors provide a detailed presentation of the findings from this unique study and highlight the implications for policy and practice. Key factors examined includethe childrens pre-placement experiencesthe quality of preparatory work with the children and familiesthe characteristics of the new parents and their parenting stylethe childrens emotional and behavioural difficultiesthe development of relationships within the new familythe type and quality of post-placement supportPresenting new information and recommendations for future placements, Joining New Families is a valuable resource for anyone involved in establishing permanent placements for older children.


Background and Research Issues. Aims, Design, Sampling and Methodology. Outcomes After One Year in Placement. The Children's Backgrounds, Health and Behaviour. New Family Characteristics and Placement Arrangements. Preparation of the Child. Pre-placement Work with New Families. The Children's Adjustment at Home. The Development of New Relationships. The Children in School. New Parents' Experiences: Stresses and Supports, Crises and Disruptions. Post-placement Social Work Support. Parenting Approaches and Responses. Predicting Placement Stability. Implications for Practice, Policy, Management and the Law. Appendices. List of Figures. List of Tables. References. Index.
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