Finding Legal Information: A Guide to Print and Electronic Sources

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Covers mainly British and European Union law and includes general material and the subject areas, including online and Internet sources. This book is an easy-to-use directory of legal information sources for librarians, lawyers, students and those needing legal information. It lists reference material, such as legal dictionaries and directories.


Contents: ; Introduction; General and primary material ; Main subject areas (includes established texts and substantial works only; reference to the most important and electronic legal sources) - banking/financial services; civil procedure/ courts/legal system; constitutional/administrative/public law/human rights; criminal law; employment law; environmental law; equity and trusts; European Union law; family law; land law/property law; torts; Reference material - dictionaries, directories, research guides; Main legal publishers; Indexes - legal and author indexes


The author, who has a law degree, has worked at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and House of Lords Library in London. He currently works at the London Metropolitan University library.
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