Britain, Kenya and the Cold War: Imperial Defence, Colonial Security and Decolonisation

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Dezember 2004



Far from having to abandon her post-war "East of Suez" role, Britain continued to pursue "imperial" African interests well after the Suez debacle and the "End of Empire." Kenya was center stage. Little scholarship has been produced on British policy in pursuing her interests beyond Kenyan independence. This book shows Britain maintaining her strategic priorities in Kenya--cultivating the ''moderate" Kenyatta government, giving up the unacceptable colonial army base, but retaining military camps, rights of overflying, staging and training the Kenyan military, including internal security. Percox shows that Kenyan de-colonization and British defense interests were intimately linked and vital within the context of the Cold War and East-West regional rivalry.


David Percox carried out his research at the Department of History, University of Nottingham.


Royal Institute of International Affairs Journal: "meticulous detail"; The Overseas Pensioner, April 2005 - "We can be grateful to David Percox for this new work. The author has researched in depth British colonial policy in Kenya from 1945 to 1965 linked with a study of overseas defence policy. The bibliography is most valuable". '...Percox, drawing on newly accessible colonial records..., argues that the pathway to the transfer of power was far from the orderly one that recent historical studies have proposed.' 'The great virtue of this work is its scrupulous attention to security and military considerations.' 'A good insight' African History
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