The Politics of Ethnicity in Settler Societies: States of Unease

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März 2001



Why have settler societies moved from a traditional position of ethnic insularity to being at the forefront of multicultural change? This question is addressed through comparative study of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, set against the USA and UK experience. The Politics of Ethnicity in Settler Societies explores the linked processes of aboriginal dispossession, settler state formation and international migration, and argues these historical foundations are still closely related to recent trends in ethnic politics. Contemporary topics surveyed include, multiculturalism, national identity, sovereignty, globalization, and citizenship.


Dedication Acknowledgements Introduction Nations without States States without Nations Migrations Management, Accommodation and Resistance Multi-Culturalism Nationalism Beyond Nations and States? Notes Bibliography Index


DAVID PEARSON is a Reader in Sociology at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. He has published widely on comparative ethnic politics. His previous books include Race, Class and Political Activism and A Dream Deferred: The Origins of Ethnic Conflict in New Zealand.


'...a critical and theoretically sophisticated book that deserves to be widely read.' - Choice
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