Under the Wire: How the Telegraph Changed Diplomacy

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November 2003



shorter time period. "Under the Wire" offers a fascinating new perspective on the culture of diplomacy and the social history of technology.


Introduction I. Control 1. The Anglo-American Crisis of 1812 2. Diplomatic Autonomy and Telecommunications II. Speed 3. The Trent Affair 4. Speed and Diplomacy 5. Diplomatic Time III. The Medium 6. The Zimmermann Telegram 7. Technical and Economic Factors Conclusion Abbreviations Notes Acknowledgments Index


David Paull Nickles is a historian at the U.S. Department of State.


David Paull Nickles has plumbed the archives of four countries to determine just how transformative [the invention of the telegraph] really was. Under the Wire is a subtle and impressive examination of history. -- Christian D. Brose Wall Street Journal 20040107 Nickles offers often interesting and different interpretations of well-known events. His is a timely and readable study of how changing technology impacted the role of traditional diplomats--and the degree to which they could be controlled from Washington. Communication Booknotes Quarterly In a study based on impressive multinational research, Nickles examines the critical impact of the telegraph on the diplomacy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries...It is an interesting study by a knowledgeable author and includes an excellent discussion of the Zimmerman Telegram incident. Cryptologia 20040401 By focusing on the telegraph, Nickles reveals the complexity of interactions between technology and human analyzing how telegraphy transformed diplomacy, he has made a signal contribution to the literatures on communications technology and on diplomatic history. And best of all, his book is a delight to read. -- Daniel Headrick Victorian Studies
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