Historical Dictionary of Ghana

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Entries include information on the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial institutional and political history. Individuals who have made significant contributions in the history of the country are identified either in the context of institutions in which they played roles, or they are isolated and written on. The chronology section is detail, and the bibliography section is substantial. Students and researches on Ghana will find this work as the first source of significance.


Part 1 Editor's Foreword Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Maps Part 4 Acronyms and Abbreviations Part 5 Chronology Part 6 Introduction Part 7 THE DICTIONARY Part 8 Bibliography Chapter 9 Introduction Chapter 10 A. Bibliographies and Guides Chapter 11 B. General Information Chapter 12 C. Serials Chapter 13 D. Government Documents Chapter 14 E. Archaeology Chapter 15 F. General History Chapter 16 G. Regional Studies/Local History Chapter 17 H. History before 1840 Chapter 18 I. History, 1840-1956: Colonial Era Chapter 19 J. History since Independence Chapter 20 K. The Economy Chapter 21 L. Geography, Demography, and Travels Chapter 22 M. The Arts Chapter 23 N. Language and Literature Chapter 24 O. Society: Culture and Social Life Chapter 25 P. Religion Chapter 26 Q. Education Chapter 27 R. Health Part 28 Appendix A: British Administrators of the Gold Coast Part 29 Appendix B: Ghanaian Leaders since 1951 Part 30 About the Author


David Owusu-Ansah is Professor of History at James Madison University. He is past president of the Ghana Studies Council (a professional affiliate organization of the African Studies Association), and author of several essays on Ghana including his work on the history of Islam in Ghana.


The Historical Dictionary of Ghana is a well-crafted and solid book which is a joy to behold...a beautiful book by all standards...In the book under review, the Professor has certainly presented readers with a concise and useful book which would be of great interest to students, professionals and ordinary readers. I highly recommend that you adorn your library with a copy of this gem of a book. Ghanaian Times All-in all, this is a major reconstruction and updating of one of the most important reference works relating to the history of Ghana...Owusu-Ansah is to be congratulated on undertaking a major revision when a cosmetic updating would have been an easy option. Likewise, Scarecrow Press must be applauded for continuing to take this series forward and ensuring its content remains relevant and up to date. Reference Reviews, vol. 21 no. 1 (2007) Useful of the best received in its various editions. African Research and Documentation This reference for researchers, general readers, and travelers traces the history of Ghana from the period preceding British colonization through the successful fight for independence and the period of economic decline and political instability that followed. The third edition features information on more recent events, including the return to democratic governance in 1992. Supplementary materials include maps, a chronology, and an extensive bibliography. The author teaches African history at James Madison U. Reference and Research Book News
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