The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn

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April 2008



An amazing collection of true colour photos from the early 20th century from the collection compiled by millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn. To accompany a brand new BBC TV series that brings these works to a mass audience for the first time. Includes over 300 colour photos from more than 50 countries. 'Astonishing images' "Time Out"


David Okuefuna is the executive producer of the BBC television series The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn. He has worked on numerous documentary series and single films for BBC4, including Racism: A History, The Story of Maths, Shepperton Babylon and The Waughs: Fathers and Sons, as well as the BBC2 comedy-drama The Private Life of Samuel Pepys. This is his first book.


"A fascinating and vivid celebration of the earliest examples of colour photography" -- Gareth McLean Guardian "Astonishing images" Time Out "A legacy of inestimable richness" -- Benjamin Secher Telegraph
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