Mark's Gospel--Prior or Posterior?: A Reappraisal of the Phenomenon of Order

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August 2002



The similarities and difference of arrangement and order of episodes in the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke have always been one of the major critera for resolving the Synoptic Problem. How important, and how reliable are arguments based on such considerations, and where might they lead? Here Neville reviews these issues in detail, explaining the significance of his conclusions for understanding the literary relationships among the three Synoptics gospels, and particularly for the competing theories of Markan priority (the standard two-source hypothesis) and Markan posteriority (the Griesbach hypothesis).


Preliminary issues for analysing the phenomenon of order; the value of formal arguments from order; compositional arguments from order - a reappraisal.


David Neville is an independent scholar living in Perth, Western Australia.


"Neville treats the nuances of his topic deftly, maintaining a valuable balance between accessibility and probity." -Suzanne Watts Henderson, Review of Biblical Literature
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