The Rule of Law in a Penal Colony: Law and Politics in Early New South Wales

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April 2002



Dr Neal shows how the courts served as a de facto parliament in early New South Wales.


List of illustrations; Abbreviations; Preface; 1. Great changes; 2. Free society, penal colony, slave society, prison?; 3. The rule of law; 4. The courts; 5. The magistracy; 6. Policing a penal colony; 7. The campaign for trial by jury; 8. Conclusion; Appendices; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"The early history (1788 to 1842) of New South Wales was dominated by its designation as a place for 'transported felons'--forgers, embezzlers, burglars, revolutionaries, and prostitutes--who mercifully escaped the hangman's noose in England. Here is an extremely interesting account of its growth from the legal perspective and of the development of a system of magistracy, courts, and police...An excellent study, well written, well documented..." Choice "This book is an important contribution to our understanding of the role of law in Australian history." Bruce Kercher, Law and History Review
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