Plato's Cratylus

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Presents a global reinterpretation of Cratylus, Plato's only dialogue devoted to the subject of language.


Preface; 1. Author and text; 2. Plato the etymologist; 3. Linguistic science; 4. Etymology at work; 5. The dominance of flux; 6. The limits of etymology; 7. A Platonic outcome; References; Index locorum; General index.


David Sedley is Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy in the University of Cambridge. He is the author, with A. A. Long, of The Hellenistic Philosophers (1987; Vol. 1: HB 0521 255619; PB 0521 275563; Vol. 2 SBN: HB 0521 255627; PB 0521 275571), author of Lucretius and the Transformation of Greek Wisdom (1998: 0521 570328) and editor of The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy (2003; HB 0521 772850; PB 0521 775035).


'... an extraordinarily rich book, providing both a main thesis and a number of intelligent readings of single passages ... Sedley's book has struck me as an intensely humane and - if I may say so - Platonic piece of writing. His prose is admirably terse and vivid, the very answers he gives to the problems posed by the Cratylus raise issues and questions on a higher level, so that one has always the exciting impression of having embarked on a true philosophical journey.' Journal of Hellenic Studies 'Every page of this book is characterized by the sanity of judgement and depth of knowledge of ancient thought which are the hallmarks of the author. It is a model of clarity and of austere stylistic elegance. The volume inaugurates C. U. P.'s new series Cambridge Studies in the Dialogues of Plato, under the general editorship of M. M. McCabe; it sets a high standard for subsequent contributors.' British Journal for the History of Philosophy
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