CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics

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Introduction, D.M. Rowe General Principles and Theoretical Considerations Thermoelectric Phenomena, D.D. Pollock Coversion Efficiency and Figure-of-Merit, H.J. Goldsmid Thermoelectric Transport Theory, C.M. Bhandari Optimization of Carrier Concentration, C.M. Bhandari and D.M. Rowe Minimizing the Thermal Conductivity, C.M. Bhandari Selective Carrier Scattering in Thermoelectric Materials, Y.I. Ravich Thermomagnetic Phenomena, H.J. Goldsmid Material Preparation Preparation of Thermoelectric Materials from Melts, A. Borshchevsky Powder Metallurgy Techniques, A.N. Scoville PIES Method of Preparing Bismuth Alloys, T. Ohta and T. Kajikawa Preparation of Thermoelectric Materials by Mechanical Alloying, B.A. Cook, J.L. Harringa, and S.H. Han Preparation of Thermoelectric Films, K. Matsubara, T. Koyanagi, K. Nagao, and K. Kishimoto Measurement of Thermoelectric Properties Calculation of Peltier Device Performance, R.J. Buist Measurements of Electrical Properties, I.A. Nishida Measurement of Thermal Properties, R. Taylor Z-Meters, H.H. Woodbury, L.M. Levinson, and S. Lewandowski Methodology for Testing Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, R.J. Buist Thermoelectric Materials Bismuth Telluride, Antimony Telluride, and Their Solid Solutions, H. Scherrer and S. Scherrer Valence Band Structure and the Thermoelectric Figure-of-Merit of (Bi1-xSbx)Te3 Crystals, M. Stordeur Lead Telluride and Its Alloys, V. Fano Properties of the General Tags System, E.A. Skrabek and D.S. Trimmer Thermoelectric Properties of Silicides, C.B. Vining Polycrystalline Iron Disilicide as a Thermoelectric Generator Material, U. Birkholz, E. Gross, and U. Stohrer Thermoelectric Properties of Anisotropic MnSi1.75 , V.K. Zaitsev Low Carrier Mobility Materials for Thermoelectric Applications, V.K. Zaitsev, S.A. Ktitorov, and M.I. Federov Semimetals as Materials for Thermoelectric Generators, M.I. Fedorov and V.K. Zaitsev Silicon Germanium, C.B. Vining Rare Earth Compounds, B.J. Beaudry and K.A. Gschneidner, Jr. Thermoelectric Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors, M. Cassart and J.-P. Issi Boron Carbides, T.L. Aselage and D. Emin Thermoelectric Properties of Metallic Materials, A.T. Burkov and M.V. Vedernikov Neutron Irradiation Damage in SiGe Alloys, J.W. Vandersande New Materials and Performance Limits for Thermoelectric Cooling, G.A. Slack Thermoelectric Generation Miniature Semiconductor Thermoelectric Devices, D.M. Rowe Commercially Available Generators, A.G. McNaughton Modular RTG Technology, R.F. Hartman Peltier Devices as Generators, G. Min and D.M. Rowe Calculations of Generator Performance, M.H. Cobble Generator Applications Terrestrial Applications of Thermoelectric Generators, W.C. Hall Space Applications, G.L. Bennett SP-100 Space Subsystems, J.F. Mondt Safety Aspects of Thermoelectrics in Space, G.L. Bennett Low-Temperature Heat Conversion, K. Matsuura and D.M. Rowe Thermoelectric Refrigeration Introduction, H.J. Goldsmid Module Design and Fabrication, R. Marlow and E. Burke Cooling Thermoelements with Superconducting Leg, M.V. Vedernikov and V.L. Kuznetsov Applications of Thermoelectric Cooling Introduction, H.J. Goldsmid Commercial Peltier Modules, K.-I. Uemura Thermoelectrically Cooled Radiation Detectors, L.I. Anatychuk Reliability of Peltier Coolers in Fiber-Optic Laser Packages, R.M. Redstall and R. Studd Laboratory Equipment, K.-I. Uemura Large-Scale Cooling: Integrated Thermoelectric Element Technology, J.G. Stockholm Medium-Scale Cooling: Thermoelectric Module Technology, J.G. Stockholm Modeling of Thermoelectric Cooling Systems, J.G. Stockholm
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