Legislatures in the Policy Process: The Dilemmas of Economic Policy

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April 2004



Thi book will be of interest to specialists and students of politics and economic policy making.


Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. Introduction: 1. Parliaments and public policy David M. Olson and Michael L. Mezey; Part II. Macroeconomic Policy: 2. Legislative oversight of monetary policy in France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States Lance T. Leloup and John T. Woolley; 3. The US Congress and credit policy - institutional and policy implications Dennis S. Ippolito; 4. Industrial policy agenda and options in Congress and the executive in the United States David M. Olson, Roger H. Davidson and W. Thomas Kephart; Part III. Microeconomic Policy: 5. The British House of Commons and industrial policy David M. Wood; 6. Congress and the development of a computer industry policy in Brazil Abdo I. Baaklini and Antonio Carlos Pojo Do Rego; 7. Electronics policy and the Indian parliament R. B. Jain; 8. The Polish parliament and labor legislation during Solidarity David S. Mason; Part IV. Conclusion: 9. Parliaments and public policy: an assessment Michael L. Mezey; Name index; General index.


"This is a very interesting book which provides readers with a wealth of information about the roles played by legislative bodies in making and implementing economic policy. More importantly the book offers students of comparative public policy a convincing set of observations that are derived from genuinely comparative examinations of legislatures working in different constitutional and contextual circumstances...This is a straightforward, honest effort to examine the roles of legislatures across different systems...Yet, this effort goes well beyond most comparative examinations which rarely attain the degree of comparative consistency that is managed here." Policy Currents
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