Selected Papers in Greek and Near Eastern History

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August 2002



Essays on Greek and oriental history by the distinguished ancient historian.


Part I. General: 1. Boeckh, Staatshaushaltung der Athener, 1817-1967; 2. On the new text of Teos; 3. The origins of the First Peloponnesian War; 4. The federal constitution of Keos; 5. The Athens Peace of 371; 6. Preliminary notes on the Locri archive; 7. Temple inventories in ancient Greece; 8. Democratic institutions and their diffusion; Part II. Athenian: 9. Public property in the city; 10. Cleisthenes and Attica; 11. Review of J. S. Traill, The Political Organisation of Attica; 12. Review of P. Siewart, Die Trittyen Attikas und die Heeresreform des Kleisthenes; 13. The Kerameikos ostraka; 14. Megakles and Eretria; 15. The Athenian Coinage Decree; 16. Athena's robe; 17. The treaties with Leontini and Rhegion; 18. Entrenchment-clauses in Attic decrees; 19. Apollo Delios; 20. After the profanation of the Mysteries; 21. Aristophanes and politics; 22. Who was Lysistrata?; 23. A note on IG i.2, 114; 24. The epigraphical evidence for the end of Eubulus and Lycurgus; 25. The dating of Demosthenes' speeches; 26. Law on the Lesser Panathenaia; 27. The Athenian Rationes Centesimarum; 28. The chronology of the Athenian new style coinage; 29. Review of M. Thompson, The New Style Silver Coinage of Athens; Part III. Oriental: 30. The Persepolis Fortification Texts; 31. The King's dinner; 32. Datis the Mede; 33. Persians in Herodotus; 34. The Phoenician fleet in 411; 35. Persian gold and Greek international relations; 36. The first Greek Jew; 37. Review of J. N. Sevenster, Do You Know Greek?; Bibliography; Publications of David M. Lewis.


'These Selected Papers in Greek and Near Eastern History ... cannot be welcomed too warmly ... The volume brings out excellently the enormous range of Professor Lewis's interests and sympathies, as well as the supremely high quality and attention to detail for which he was famous.' Rosalind Thomas, The Times Literary Supplement 'Scholars ad students will find this book enormously useful ... This book is a worthy final tribute to an outstanding scholar and generous helper of many.' Journal of Hellenic Studies
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