Leven Betts: Pattern Recognition

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Oktober 2008



"Leven Betts: Pattern Recognition" features 18 projects from the firm's critically acclaimed first decade. The diverse portfolio of projects included run the gamut in scale from furniture and exhibition design to townhouse and city plans. Well grounded in the realities of construction - Leven's resume includes a stint in a metal fabrication shop, while Betts spent two years as a project manager at a construction firm - the spare but elegant work of Leven Betts is characterized by a distinctive blend of materials, light, and texture. Featuring numerous photos, drawings, and diagrams, "Leven Betts: Pattern Recognition" invites architecture professionals and students to explore a unique design process and discover their own powers of observation.
David Leven and Stella Betts are principals of Leven Betts in Manhattan. Their architecture has been highlighted in numerous magazines and books.

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