Contemporary British Drama

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September 2010



A vital critical assessment of dramatic literature written since 1995.


Chapter 1: In-Yer-Face Theatre and Legacies of the New Writing Boom;
Chapter 2: Verbatim Theatre - The Rise of a Political Voice;
Chapter 3: Writing and Devising - The Call for Collaboration;
Chapter 4: Black and Asian Writers - A Question of Representation;
Chapter 5: Theatre for Young People - Audiences of Today;
Chapter 6: Adaptation and Transposition - Reinterpreting the Past; Conclusion; Student Resources; Index.


David Lane is a dramaturg, playwright and freelance lecturer. Formerly the Literary Assistant at Soho Theatre and Writers' Centre, he now lives in the South West and works as a dramaturg with regional theatres including the Exeter Northcott, Bristol Old Vic, Theatre West and Theatre Royal Bath. He teaches at Goldsmiths College, Brunel, City University and Exeter University, and has received several commissions to write plays for young people.
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