Patterns of Learning Disorders: Working Systematically from Assessment to Intervention

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Distilling what school practitioners really need to know, this book is learning disorders "made easy." Empirically based, the authors' system complements the popular Response to Intervention approach. This book features 12 case illustrations to show users how to link assessment directly to effective interventions for a wide range of problems. It fills a key need within the framework of IDEA 2004 and NCLB.


Overview of the System and Reasons for Assessing. IQ-related Conditions. Information-processing-Related Conditions. Performance-related Conditions. How to Use the System through Case Examples. Suggestions for Implementing the Classification and Intervention Planning System.


David L. Wodrich, PhD, School Psychology Program, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA Ara J. Schmitt, PhD, school psychologist, Tempe Union High School District, Tempe, AZ, USA


'A invaluable resource. This book provides a fresh and important perspective on how best to serve those students who are struggling in the classroom. Unlike most other texts on the topic, this book is comprehensive, theoretically integrated, and empirically based. Practitioners and students alike will value the pragmatic, intuitively sound linkages of assessment and intervention. I predict that this book will become a valued and frequently referenced resource on the desk of any psychologist who works with students with learning problems.' - Steven I. Pfeiffer, PhD, Director of Clinical Training, PhD Program in Combined Counseling & School Psychology, Florida State University 'This book provides a useful roadmap for diagnosticians. The authors outline an assessment approach representing multiple domains of functioning, together with a list of recommended measures for each domain. Their psychometric descriptions of common learning difficulties will help practitioners develop their internal schema of children's learning disorders. The book also addresses the treatment utility of assessment head-on, identifying intervention approaches for specific psychoeducational profiles. Numerous concrete case examples will build the diagnostic savvy of school psychologists, special educators, and graduate students.' - Cathy F. Telzrow, PhD, School Psychology Program, Kent State Univesity
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