Constitutional Royalism and the Search for Settlement, c.1640-1649

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An investigation into the 'Constitutional royalists' and their role in the English Revolution.


Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; A note on quotations, sources, dates and terminology; Part I. The Origins of Constitutional Royalism: 1. Introduction: themes, debates, sources; 2. Context: the early Stuarts and the early Stuart constitution; 3. Early careers of the main exponents; 4. Formation and convergence, 1640-1642; Part II. Constitutional Royalism in Theory and Practice, 1642-1649: 5. Chronological outline: negotiations formal and informal; 6. Issues and sticking-points; 7. The theory of Constitutional Royalism; Part III. Constitutional Royalism in Perspective: 8. Epilogue: Constitutional Royalism from Regicide to Restoration; 9. Legacy: an ideology vindicated?; 10. Conclusion: assessment and evaluation; Bibliography; Index.


'His well-planned elegantly executed book is a pleasure to read.' The Times Literary Supplement '... a perceptive and well-argued book ... impressive ... strong in argument, rich in detail and long on perspective.' Brian Quintrell, History
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