Modern Japanese Theater and Performance

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Modern Japanese Theatre and Performance is a collection of sixteen essays on Japanese theatre, including historical overviews of twentieth century theatre, analyses of specific productions and individuals, and consideration of the intercultural nature of modern Japanese theatre. Also included is a new translation of a "Superkyogen" play.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Modern Japanese Theatre (Revisited) Part 2 Shingeki History Chapter 3 Why Did Sewamono Not Grow into Modern Realist Theatre? Chapter 4 The Rhetoric of the Real Chapter 5 Moment(um) of Memory: Metapatterns in Japanese Theatre Since the 1960s Chapter 6 The Quest for Salvation in Japan's Modern History: Four Plays by Akimoto Matsuyo Chapter 7 Poison Women and National Identity in Postwar Japanese Performance Chapter 8 Senda Koreya and the Tenko Paradigm Part 9 Experimental Theatre(s) and Border Crossings Chapter 10 Structureless in Structure: The Choreographic Tectonics of Hijikata Tatsumi's Buto Chapter 11 Terayama in Amsterdam and the Internationalization of Experimental Theatre Chapter 12 Super-kyogen: Radically Traditional Utopian Comedies Chapter 13 Classical Japanese Performance in a Contemporary Context: A Traditional Strategy of Juxtaposition Part 14 Specific Plays and Productions in Modern Japan Chapter 15 Illegitimate Child of Shingeki: Soganoya Gokuro and His Nonkina tosan (Easygoing Daddy) Chapter 16 Reflections of and on the Times: Morimoto Kaoru's A Woman's Life Chapter 17 Steeplechase: Mishima Yukio's Only Original Modern No Play Chapter 18 "Destroying the Audience's Alibi": Empathy and Ethics in Abe Kobo's Mihitsu no koi Chapter 19 Divine Memory and Abject Reality: Miyagi Satoshi's Tenshu Monogatari and Simizu Shinjin's Bye Bye: The New Primitive Chapter 20 From Scaretto to Kaze to tomo ni sarinu: Musical Adaptations of Gone with the Wind in Japan Part 21 A Super-kyogen Script Chapter 22 Mutsugoro (Mudskippers)


Kevin J. Wetmore is professor of theater at Loyola Marymount University. Keiko I. McDonald is professor of East Asian languages and literatures at the University of Pittsburgh. David Jortner is professor of communication arts and theater at Allegheny College.


This fascinating collection of essays commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of J. Thomas Rimer's seminal work,Toward a Modern Japanese Theatre (1974). The essays capture the complex strategies by which Japanese theatre artists, ranging from shingeki to the postmodern, exercise their craft. This edition is a must for those interested in the changing landscape of performing arts in Japan. -- Dr. Mari Boyd, Sophia University
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