Managing Workforce 2000: Gaining the Diversity Advantage

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April 1991



Using examples from over eighty organizations, this practical guide to human resource development strategies shows how to attract, make the best use of, and retain employees of different skills and perspectives. The authors reveal the strategies successful companies are using to capitalize on today's increasingly diverse and nontraditional workforce and shows how organizations must change to mesh with the needs, preferences, life-styles, and values of contemporary workers.


BEYOND "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" MANAGEMENT. The Challenge and Opportunity of the Changing Workforce. Portraits of Diversity: Today's New Workforce. Toward a New Management Mindset: An Introduction to Flex--Management. MATCHING PEOPLE AND JOBS. Be Informative and Creative When Describing Jobs and Recruiting Employees. Help People Develop Careers They Want. Change Jobs and Work Hours to Meet Employee Needs. Hire Older and Temporary Workers. MANAGING AND REWARDING PERFORMANCE. Train Managers and Employees to Value Diversity. Enable Persons with Disabilities to Meet Performance Challenges. Individualze--Don't Standardize--Performance Management. Align Rewards with Employees' Values. INFORMING AND INVOLVING PEOPLE. Share Information and Encourage Participation. Create New Ways to Share Responsibility. SUPPORTING LIFESTYLE AND LIFE NEEDS. Offer Flexible Employee Benefits and Services. Help Employees Take Care of Family Responsibilities. TAKING ACTION. How to Develop Skills for Managing Workforce 2000. How to Manage the Change to a Flex--Management Workplace. RESOURCES FOR GAINING THE DIVERSITYVANTAGE: WHERE TO GO FOR HELP.


DAVID JAMIESON is president of the Jamieson Consulting Group. He is also codirector of the Master of Science in Organization Development program at Pepperdine University. JULIE O'MARA is president of O'Mara and Associates, a human resource development consulting firm.


"The bottom line: Buy and read this book! This book will help to quickly bring public health professionals up to speed on the issues challenging many organizations."
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