Hazardous Waste Site Soil Remediation: Theory and Application of Innovative Technologies

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Introduces the most up-to-date techniques for soil remediation, including chemical fixation/stabilization, soil vapor extraction, thermally enhanced vapor stripping, biodegradation, and air spargingwritten in a style accessible to nonspecialists. Desc4ibes the ex shu technique of thermal desorption of soil contaminants-a low-cost aftemative to incineration for the removal of organics.


"Contaminant Transport and Behavior in the Subsurface, James H. Clarke, Danny D. Reible, and Robert D. Mutch, Jr. Problems with the Remediation of Diffusion-Limited Fractured-Rock Systems, Robert D. Mutch and Joanna I. Scott Chemical Stablilization of Contaminated Soils, Jesse R. Conner Soil Vapor Stripping, David J. Wilson and Ann N. Clarke Thermally Enhanced Vapor Stripping, Ann N. Clarke, David J. Wilson, and Paul R. dePercin Thermal Desorption, Richard J. Ayen, Carl P. Swanstrom, and Carl R. Palmer Enhanced Biodegradation for On-Site Remediation of Contaminated Soils and Groundwater, Ronald E. Hoeppel and Robert E. Hinchee Saturated Zone Remediation of VOCs Through Sparging, Ann N. Clarke, Robert D. Norris, and David J. Wilson In Situ Vitrification, Kenton H. Oma Soil Surfactant Flushing/Washing, David J. Wilson and Ann N. Clarke "
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