Purchasing and Supply Management

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Juni 1997



Purchasing and Supply Management includes the latest management, procurement, and negotiation techniques and the authors have taken great care to integrate the impact of global commerce on the buyers job. Historically, purchasing evolved as a weak part of manufacturing, gained its independence, and expanded to a financial contributer to a company's success. A major challenge of the buying job is to manage supply management. To do this, the buyer must know and use the full range of techniques and procedures available to the true professional. This book is dedicated to these functions of supply and all they entail.


The role of the purchasing and supply functions. Evolution of purchasing and supply management. Developing purchase order procedures. Strategic purchasing supply initiatives. Buying from the right supplier. Develop a global vision! Building rapport with suppliers: transition from supplier to business partner. Buying the right quality. Purchasing's strategic approach to inventory management. Buying at the right price. Negotiations: keystone of effective buying. Global supply demands technical buying cooperation. Using cost reduction techniques. Legal issues in buying. Buying for service-type companies, and MRO. Improving management of the purchasing job. Transportation strategies to reduce logistics costs. Measurements of purchasing performance. Looking into the future. Appendix. Selected Bibliography. Index. Biographies of the authors.


`this book provides a very good overview of purchasing which would be of use to both academics and purchasing executives alike. I feel it is worth having this book on your library shelf as a general guide and reference point to purchasing.'
International Journal for Production Research, 37:12 (1999)

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