The Divided Self: Israel and the Jewish Psyche Today

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September 2006



Rabbi David Goldberg, one of today's most respected and outspoken Jewish leaders, grapples with the dilemmas of contemporary Jewishness with characteristic candor. He contrasts the flexibility of the Jewish Diaspora, whose identity has been historically predicated on powerlessness, with the militant assertiveness of modern Israel, which sometimes seems to have more power than it knows what to do with. With wit, insight and compassion he highlights the growing gulf between Israeli and Diaspora Jewishness. Following Churchill's quip about Britain and America, Goldberg argues that Israeli and Diaspora Jews are in danger of becoming divided by a common heritage. This book will stimulate, engage and provoke readers of all beliefs and cultures.


David J Goldberg OBE is Rabbi Emeritus of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, London, having served Europe's largest Progressive congregation for nearly thirty years. Well-known for his longtime involvement in Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives and pioneering activity in the field of interfaith dialogue, he is a regular media commentator on Jewish and Middle Eastern issues. He is the author of an acclaimed study of Zionism To the Promised Land: A History of Zionist Thought.


'David Goldberg's vivid, provocative and witty book should be required reading for anyone who cares about the future of the Jewish people, and the peace of the Middle East.' - Max Hastings 'Surveying clearly and concisely the history of both Jewish life in the diaspora and of diaspora relations with Israel, David Goldberg reopens a debate that has laid dormant, if not suppressed, for decades: is Zionism good for the Jews? This is no anti-Zionist rant, but a careful, impeccably fair questioning of the Zionist assumption that diaspora living is neurotic and doomed' - Jonathan Freedland, journalist and author 'Engaging and provocative and is sure to raise some conservative heckles. It's an interesting and stimulating read by one of the most respected commentators on the subject.'- The Dubliner.
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