Beyond the Campus: How Colleges and Universities Form Artnerships with Their Communities

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August 2001



The role of the university and its relationship to the community has long been a highly debated topic among educators, administrators, and local business leaders. David J. Maurrasse offers a passionate appeal for community partnerships. Going further than a simple explanation of the problems at hand, Beyond the Campus offers a road map for both universities and local institutions to work together for the good of their communities.


1. The Mission of Higher Education; 2. Have Ivory Tower, Will Travel: The Univserity of Pennsylvania and West Philadelphia; 3. Living Up to a People's University: San Francisco State University and the City of San Francisco; 4. Community in the Roots: Xavier University and New Orleans; 5. Just Getting By: Hostos Community College and the South Bronx; 6. Comparisons and Conclusions


David J. Maurrasse is Assistant Professor in the Department of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.


""Beyond the Campus is an easy-to-read research text intended to provide a quick summary of the motivations behind and difficulties expected in linking the neighboring communities with a college or university...The author adds that he is creating the Center for Innovation in Social Responsibility, which will continue the study of effective partnerships. In higher education, we will all benefit from these efforts."
-Planning for Higher Education
"[A] book for all who are or should be interested in the re-building of poor communities--university and public administrators, foundations, faculty, practitioners, policymakers and residents alike--one that inspires us through sharp and insightful case studies to not simply do more or different, but to do better."
-Chet Hewitt, Associate Director, Working Communities, The Rockefeller Foundation
"Maurrasse makes a real contribution in "Beyond the Campus by challenging us to rethink the connections between institutions of higher learning and the local communities in which they are embedded....For many colleges and universities, partnerships with local residents and organizations are essential for survival. For communities, partnerships with higher education can arm residents with information and resources. On both sides, as Maurrasse clearly articulates, partnerships can be win/win situations...."Beyond the Campus will help us find new ways to enrich higher education and improve the state of our communities."
-Aldon Morris, Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University, and author of the "Origins of the Civil Rights Movement
"Steeped in Maurrasse's own study and experience, the book is highly informational. With case studiesranging from an Ivy League university to a community college, there are ample examples to help any university take the first step toward a town-gown relationship that is more than the sum of its parts."
-University Business
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