The European Central Bank: The New European Leviathan?

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Mai 2003



David Howarth and Peter Loedel provide a theoretically inspired account of the creation, design and operation of the European Central Bank. Issues explored include the theoretical approaches to the ECB, the antecedents of European monetary authority, the different national perspectives on central bank independence, the complex organisation of the bank, the issues of accountability and the difficult first years of the ECB in operation.


Preface: The European Central Bank; A New European Leviathan? Analytical and Theoretical Approaches to the Study of the European Central Bank The Long and Winding Road to the ECB: European Monetary Authority in the Prehistory of EMU Managing Europe's Money: The Organization, Powers and Functions of the ECB The Independence of the ECB A Question of Credibility: A Short History of ECB Monetary Policy Conclusion: The ECB and the Future of Europe


DAVID HOWARTH is Lecturer in European Politics at Queen Mary College, University of London. He has written books and articles on France and European monetary politics including The French Road to European Monetary Union and Contemporary French Politics and Society. PETER LOEDEL is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He has written books and articles on the topic of German and European monetary politics including Deutsche Mark Politics.


'Probably the best theoretical and historical introduction to the ECB yet published...should be compulsory reading for any newspaper editor tempted to run a scaremongering euro horror story.' - Eurobusiness
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