Psychology in Prisons

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April 1993



Psychology in Prisons illustrates how a knowledge of psychological principles can lead to a better understanding of the prison environment and the problems that occur within it. The authors show how psychology can be used to increase understanding of prisoners and to deal with day-to-day problems in prison life. They focus on key problem areas such as sex offenders, violent criminals and the issue of AIDS. The book also explores the effects of the prison environment on staff and suggests means of reducing the levels of stress.


1. Psychology and its role in prisons 2. Criminal behaviour - how it develops 3. Understanding sex offenders 4. Alcohol and drugs - their role in criminal behaviour 9. Coping with disturbed prisoners 10. Coping with face-to-face violence 11. Hostage-taking in prisons 12. Stress and working in prisons 13. Giving evidence in court Index
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