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The book discusses the basic issues of principle, the processes of implementation and the actual consequences in practice.Provides a cross-media analysis of media policy Uses case studies to illustrate policy implementation Includes chapter summaries, questions for discussion and a chapter on further reading


Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. Part I: Contexts:. 2. Age of Darkness, Age of Enlightenment? The Intellectual Background. 3. Markets, Media and Moguls. 4. Technology -- Chance, Fate and Choice. Part II: Principles:. 5. Freedom, Democracy and Enlightenment. 6. Protecting the State. 7. Protecting the Citizen, Protecting Society. Part III: Practice:. 8. Actors in Performance. 9. Privacy, Accuracy and the Press Complaints Commission. 10. Remoulding Public Service Broadcasting: The Challenge to the BBC. 11. Intervention in the Newspaper Market Place. 12. Censorship, Classification and Censure. 13. Coping with Cultural Imperialism. 14. Further Reading. References and Notes. Index.


David Hutchison is Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Glasgow Caledonian University; for a number of years he was a member of the BBC General Advisory Council and of the Scottish Film Council.


"Impressive introduction to media policy debates" Times Higher "Few (books) pare the subject back to its basics as readably as David Hutchisona s Media Policy" Media,Culture and Society
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