Theory of Algebraic Invariants

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November 2006



An English translation of the notes from David Hilbert's course in 1897 on Invariant Theory at the University of Gottingen taken by his student Sophus Marxen.


Preface; Introduction; Part I. The Elements of Invariant Theory: 1. The forms; 2. The linear transformation; 3. The concept of an invariant; 4. Properties of invariants and covariants; 5. The operation symbols D and D; 6. The smallest system of conditions for the determination of the invariants and covariants; 7. The number of invariants of degree g; 8. The invariants and covariants of degree two and three; 9. Simultaneous invariants and covariants; 10. Covariants of covariants; 11. The invariants and covariants as functions of the roots; 12. The invariants and covariants as functions of the one-sided derivatives; 13. The symbolic representation of invariants and covariants; Part II. The Theory of Invariant Fields: 14. Proof of the finitenesss of the full invariant system via representation by root differences; 15. A generalizable proof for the finiteness of the full invariant system; 16. The system of invariants I; I1, I2, ..., Ik; 17. The vanishing of the invariants; 18. The ternary nullform; 19. The finiteness of the number of irreducible syzygies and of the syzygy chain; 20. The inflection point problem for plane curves of order three; 21. The generalization of invariant theory; 22. Observations about new types of coordinates.


"...Highly recommended for college libraries, undergraduate through faculty..." D.V. Feldman, Choice "...a skillful, readable, coherent presentation, with a contemporary flavor..." The American Mathematical Monthly
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