Cyprus: The Search for a Solution

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Februar 2005



The Cyprus problem has defeated all attempts to resolve it for more than forty years. From 1996 onwards the UN, with strong support from the United States, the United Kingdom and other European Union members, mounted the most sustained of all the efforts to reach an agreement, so that a reunited Cyprus could join the European Union in May 2004. Although it came closer to success than any previous attempt, this one was a failure as well. From his unique position as the former British Special Representative for Cyprus, David Hannay tells the story of these negotiations, their ups and downs and of the roles of the United Nations and the European Union. What results is an exceptional first-hand account of a complex situation.


Lord Hannay of Chiswick was a British Diplomat for 36 years, ending his career as Britain's representative to the UN. Following his retirement in 1995, Hannay was the British Special Representative for Cyprus for seven years. He is currently a member of both the EU Selection Committee and the UN Secretary-General's High House Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change.


Cyprus Weekly: "fascinating reading"; Contemporary Review, May 2005: "It gives valuable information to students anxious to understand what went on and why negotiations failed." '...(Hannay) provides succinct and... objective accounts of the players and issues involved in the Cyprus problem.'Michael Attalides, The Cyprus Review, November 2005 'Hannay comes across as a perceptive and astute observer of the Cyprus negotiations... Hannay's account reveals plenty, also between the lines, about the inner workings of international diplomacy.' - Journal of Peace Research 'This book will interest scholars, students and politicians with an interest in Mediterranean history, EU enlargement or the future of Cyprus.' - European Sources Online 'More than a personal, detailed and informative first-hand account and well thought-out diplomatic narrative. It also provides interesting insights into contemporary complex international negotiations... a much needed and worthwhile book.'- South European Society and Politics
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