Complete Maya Programming Volume II: An In-Depth Guide to 3D Fundamentals, Geometry, and Modeling

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August 2005



David Gould's first book, Complete Maya Programming: An Extensive Guide to MEL and the C++ API, was chosen by a poll of Maya Association members as the top book on Maya and is specifically recommended by Alias, the makers of Maya. That book rose to the front rank of Maya titles through the author's keen ability to address the real-world challenges facing studio artists. David Gould is one of the most experienced Maya developers in the world, with a background that includes work at Disney, NVIDIA, and most recently at Weta Digital, where he worked on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. His new Volume II builds upon the foundation of basic Maya programming presented in the first volume and applies that knowledge to the core tasks of 3D graphics developers: writing geometry and building models. Fully current to Maya 6, this book covers in great detail the various types of geometry supported in Maya and discusses their strengths and weaknesses in different applications. And since a great deal of time in a typical studio is spent building specialized tools that aren't available out of the box, the book will also show how to develop custom tools for modeling and generating geometry.


Preface; 1 Introduction; 2 Points; 3 Vectors; 4 Rotations; 5 Transformations; 6 Transform Nodes; 7 Coordinate Frames; 8 Polygonal Meshes; 9 Nurbs; 10 Subdivision Surfaces; 11 Contexts (Tools); A Further Learning; B Further Reading; Glossary; Index


David A. D. Gould is an award-winning computer graphics artist and programmer with over a decade of distinguished accomplishments that span the globe. Among his diverse credits are technology development for Walt Disney Feature Animation, development of the Entropy renderer at Exluna, and 3D graphics chip design at Nvidia. He also developed Illustrate!, the leading toon and technical illustration renderer. David's filmography includes such films as The Lord of the Rings and King Kong.


"A great follow-up to Volume I! Volume II is an in-depth guide to the mathematical and geometric concepts indispensable to advanced Maya programmers." - Larry Gritz, Exluna/NVIDIA
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