Thinking about Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior

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Special Consultant: David G. Myers, Hope College, Holland, Michigan
Appropriate Course: High school-level psychology (not Advanced Placement)
In a convenient and effective modular format, " Thinking About Psychology" offers a rigorous presentation of psychological science in a non-threatening way with numerous and immediate examples that help high school students bridge the abstract to the familiar. This book closely follows the American Psychological Association (APA) National Standards for the Teaching of High School Psychology, for which both Blair-Broeker and Ernst served as Task Force members.


PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS METHODS DOMAIN - Introduction, History, and Research Methods - DEVELOPMENTAL DOMAIN - Lifespan Development - BIOPSYCHOLOGICAL DOMAIN - Biological Basis of Behavior - Sensation and Perception - Motivation and Emotion - Stress and Health - COGNITIVE DOMAIN - Learning - Memory - States of Consciousness - Thinking, Language, and Intelligence - CLINICAL AND SOCIOCULTURAL DOMAIN - Personality and its Assessment - Psychological Disorders - Treatment of Psychological Disorders - Social and Cultural Dimensions of Behavior - APPENDIX: Psychology's Statistics


CHARLIE BLAIR-BROEKER teaches psychology at Cedar Falls High School in Iowa. He has held a number of APA positions including chair of the Executive Board of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools. Among his teaching awards are the Grinnell College Outstanding Iowa Teacher Award, the University of Iowa Distinguished Teacher Award, and the APA Division 2 Teaching Excellence Award. - RANDY ERNST has served on numerous APA committees and is a recipient of the Division 2 Teaching Excellence Award, the University of Nebraska's Distinguished Educator Award, and Time-Warner's 'Crystal Apple' National Teacher Award. His most recent publication is a unit-plan on Cross-Cultural Psychology (co-author) and he is currently Chair of the Positive Psychology Curriculum Task force.
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