Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays

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The tropes and themes of J. K. Rowling's massively popular series are interpreted within the context of its audience.


Introduction by Giselle Liza Anatol - Reading Harry Potter through Theories of Child Development - Archetypes and the Unconscious in Harry Potter and Diana Wynne Jones' Fire and Hemlock and Dogsbody by Alice Mills - Harry Potter and the Magical Looking Glass: Reading the Secret Life of the Preadolescent by Lisa Damour - Harry Potter and the Acquisition of Knowledge by Lisa Hopkins - Safe as Houses: Sorting and School Houses at Hogwarts by Chantel Lavole - Harry and Hierarchy: Book Banning as a Reaction to the Subversion of Authority by Rebecca Stephens - Literary Influences and Historical Contexts - Harry Potter's Schooldays: J. K. Rowling and the British Boarding School Novel by Karen Manners Smith - Accepting Mudbloods: The Ambivalent Social Vision of Rowling's Fairy Tales by Elaine Ostry - Hermione and the Houses Elves: The Literary and Historical Contexts of J. K. Rowling's Anti-Slavery Campaign by Brycchan Carey - Flying Cars, Floo Powder, and Flaming Torches: The Hi-Tech, Lo-Tech World of Wizardry by Margaret J. Oakes - Morality and Social Values: Issues of Power - Cruel Heroes and Treacherous Texts: Educating the Reader in Moral Complexity and Critical Reading in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Books by Veronica Schanoes - Harry Potter and the Rule of Law: The Central Weakness of Legal Concepts in the Wizard World by Susan Hall - The Fallen Empire: Exploring Ethnic Otherness in the World of Harry Potter by Giselle Liza Anatol - Class and Socio-Economic Identity in Harry Potter's England by Julia Park - Cinderfella: J. K. Rowling's Wily Web of Gender by Ximena Gallardo-C and C. Jason Smith - Selected Bibliography - Notes on Contributors


GISELLE LIZA ANATOL is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, where she teaches courses in Caribbean, African-American, multiethnic U.S., and children's literature.


"Here is more proof that almost everybody is wild about Harry--academics as well as the hundreds and thousands of children, parents, teachers, and librarians around the world who have been charmed by this young wizard-in-training. This sampling of scholarly essays will inform a thoughtful adult reader's appreciation of the Harry Potter books as literature and as a publishing phenomenon."-Virginia A. Walter Associate Professor and Chair, UCLA Department of Information Studies
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