A Sourcebook on Child Sexual Abuse

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Mai 1986



`An invaluable directional guide to such thorny issues as the `prevalence of sexual abuse, children at high risk, offenders, effects and prevention' - New Society
`Exemplifies social science at its best. This sourcebook is thoughtful and knowledgeable, without being patronizing or condescending to the practitioners who must act on a day-to-day basis' - Journal of Marriage and the Family
`Eagerly awaited by the professionals involved in the field and does not disappoint... The student is provided with a bible which will serve well as a guide through the minefield of often contradictory literature on child sexual abuse' - Social Work Education
`An excellent resource because it is a comprehensive gathering of facts of child sexual abuse spanning the past ten years. It would be helpful to anyone involved in the intervention or research of child sexual abuse. It is an excellent overview for students' - Family Violence Bulletin
`Unique, up-to-the-minute, and indispensable for anyone who needs to understand what is known and not known about sexual abuse' - Murray A Straus, University of New Hampshire
`Researchers, students and service providers will appreciate the comprehensiveness and the organization of data in Finkelhor's book' - Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
As David Finkelhor says:
`There is an enormous present demand for reliable information about sexual abuse, and this book will fill it. It demonstrates that far more is actually known about the problem than is generally thought'.


Introduction - David Finkelhor
Prevalence - Stephanie Doyle Peters, Gail Elizabeth Wyatt and David Finkelhor
High Risk Children - David Finkelhor and Larry Baron
Abusers - Sharon Araji and David Finkelhor
A Review of the Research
Abusers - David Finkelhor
Special Topics
Initial and Long Term Effects - Angela Browne and David Finkelhor
A Review of the Research
Initial and Long Term Effects - David Finkelhor and Angela Browne
A Conceptual Framework
Designing New Studies - David Finkelhor
Prevention - David Finkelhor
A Review of Programs and Research
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