Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 10: Sixth Series

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April 2008



Volume 10 of the Transactions contains essays based on 'the British-Irish Union of 1801'.


Presidential address: Britain and the world in the eighteenth century: III Britain and India P. J. Marshall; Enlightenment and revolution in Naples John Robertson; Kwame Nkrumah and the chiefs, the fate of the 'natural rulers' under Nationalist goverments Richard Rathbone; Bartolus of Sassoferrato and free cities Magnus Ryan; Court cases and legal arguments in England, c.1066-1166 John Hudson; The divergence of England: the growth of the English economy in the seventeenth centuries E. A. Wrigley; Regional diversity in the later Russian Empire David Saunders; The Union in the European context William Doyle; The Union in British history J. G. A. Pocock; Britain and the Union, 1797-1801 Peter Jupp; Alliances and misalliances in the politics of the Union L. M. Cullen; The Catholics and the Union Patrick Geoghegan; Popular politics in Ireland and the Act of Union James Kelly; The Irish Peerage and the Unions, 1700-1971 A. P. W. Malcolmson; The Union and the Military, 1801-c.1830 Allan Blackstock; Politics, public finance and The British-Irish Act of Union of 1801 Trevor McCavery; Ireland, India and the Empire, 1780-1914 C. A. Bayley; Reconsidering the Irish Act of Union S. J. Connolly.


'A serious academic read then, well written, with a lot to ponder on.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'This collection of essays provides historians of Ireland with plenty of scope for reflections and the royal Historical society is to be congratulated on devoting a volume of its proceedings to the Irish Act of Union.' Irish Economic and Social History Journal
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