Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 8: Sixth Series

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Dezember 2004



Volume 8 of The Royal Historical Society Transactions contains essays based around the theme 'identities and empires'.


Presidential address: Britain and the world in the eighteenth century: reshaping the Empire P. J. Marshall; 1. The Hereford map: its author(s), two scenes and a boarder Valerie I. J. Flint; 2. The meaning of Irish freedomonstitutionalism in the Free State Charles Townshend; 3. The problem of pauper marriage in seventeenth-century England Steve Hindle; 4. The age of uncertainty: Britain in the early-nineteenth century David Eastwood; 5. The widow's mite and other strategies: funding the Catholic Reformation Olwen Hufton; 6. One of us? William Camden and the making of history Patrick Collinson; 7. For reasoned faith or embattled creed? Religion for the people in Early Modern Europe Euan Cameron; 8. Empires and identities Megan Vaughan; 9. Empire and national identity: the case of Scotland John M. MacKenzie; 10. Christians, civilized and Spanish: multiple identities in sixteenth-century Spain M. J. Rodriguez-Salgado; 11. Russia, Imperial and Soviet identities Dominic Lieven; 12. The British Empire and Muslim identity in South Asia Francis Robinson; 13. Am I myself? Identities in Zaire, then and now Wyatt MacGaffey; 14. Identity, enlightenment and political dissent in Late Colonial Spanish America Anthony McFarlane; 15. Frontiers of the mind: conceptions of community in Colonial Southeast Asia A. J. Stockwell; Report for Council of 1997-1998.
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