Historical Dictionary of Syria

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Historical Dictionary of Syria, Second Edition, gives the reader easy access to the history and contemporary situation of one of the world's ancient civilizations. The heart of the work is more than 350 entries on the most influential political figures and events, religious groups and movements, economic sectors, social institutions, and cultural facets. The second edition includes nearly 100 entirely new entries and updates on 43 entries from the first edition. An important difference between the two editions is the inclusion of many more entries on social institutions, such as the family and coffeehouses, cultural aspects, such as art, architecture, cinema, literature, music, and theater, and economic facets, such as inflation, corruption, the public sector, and efforts at reform. There is also expanded coverage on Syria's political dynamics, with entries on human rights, civil society, and security forces.


Chapter 1 Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Reader's Note Chapter 4 Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 5 Maps Chapter 6 Chronology Chapter 7 Introduction Chapter 8 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 9 Bibliography Chapter 10 About the Author


David Commins is professor of history at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He became interested in Islam, Arabic, and Middle Eastern history as an undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley. He has resided for extensive periods in Damascus, Syria and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to research modern trends in Islamic thought.


Syria, one of the most important countries in the Middle East, has undergone tremendous change since the 1st edition of this valuable reference work, the only volume in English specifically devoted to the country...Because Syria is little known and has not had extensive coverage in the news, most libraries probably will consider a $70 reference book on the country a low priority. This would be unfortunate. This very fine reference work should be acquired in all large libraries with full coverage of Middle East reference tools. American Reference Books Annual Like other volumes in the series, this one provides an authoritative and succinct overview of the history of a nation about which many Americans are ignorant. It would be a good addition to academic and large public library collections. Booklist 20041101 The latest in this excellent series...articles are accurate, clearly written, and concise...Recommended. All collections. CHOICE An extensive resource that allows the reader to reference Syria's past and present. Middle East Journal Praise for the first edition: The thoroughness of his work in this historical dictionary is among its more noteworthy traits. Every public and undergraduate library should own this dictionary... MESA Bulletin
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