An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind: Souls, Science and Human Beings

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April 2001



The book is an introduction to the philosophy of mind. While a number of such introductions are available, this book differs from others in that, while rejecting the dualist approach associated in particular with Descartes, it also casts serious doubt on the forms of materialism that now dominate English language philosophy. Drawing in particular on the work of Wittgenstein, a central place is given to the importance of the notion of a human being in our thought about ourselves and others.


Acknowledgements Preface Analytical Table of Contents Descartes: The Self and the World The Cartesian Soul and the Paranormal Other Minds Mind and Behaviour The Material Mind Mental Causation, Supervenience and Physicalism Human Beings The Identity of the Self Freedom and Science Postscript: The Self and the World Bibliography Index


David Cockburn


'A first-class introduction, clearly written and yet perceptively argued.' - Professor D.Z. Phillips, University of Wales, Lampeter 'There is no air of condescension at all in Cockburn's book. He achieves the remarkable feat of writing a book about the philosophy of mind that is perfectly accessible to newcomers to the subject while also presenting a distinctive and coherent vision of how the philosophy of mind should be pursued. This is no mere textbook. It encourages readers to think through the issues for themselves by engaging their interest rather than by direct exhortation.' - E.J. Lowe, Professor of Philosophy, University of Durham
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