Making Sense of Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Theory of Education and Teaching

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September 2002



"Making Sense of Education" provides a contemporary introduction to the key issues in educational philosophy and theory. Exploring recent developments as well as important ideas from the twentieth century, this book aims to make philosophy of education relevant to everyday practice for teachers and student teachers, as well as those studying education as an academic subject.


Part I: Education, Teaching and Professional Practice 1. Education, Persons and Schooling 2. The Complex Character of Teaching 3. The Complex Role of the Teacher 4. Educational Theory and Practice 5. Wider Moral Implications of Education Part II: Learning, Knowledge and Curriculum 6. Learning: Behaviour, Perception and Cognition 7. Learning: Meaning, Language and Culture 8. Knowledge, Explanation and Understanding 9. Curriculum: Purpose, Form and Content 10. Curriculum: Process, Product and Appraisal Part III: Schooling, Society and Culture 11. Liberalism, Impartiality and Liberal Education 12. Community, Identity and Cultural Inheritance 13. Justice, Equality and Difference 14. Freedom, Authority and Discipline 15. Political Dimensions of Education


'As Carr says, without responsible professional reflection there is not much hope, either for teaching or democracy. But teachers already committed to such reflection will find real value in what he says and in his conclusions. And there's an excellent glossary.' - Michael Duffy, TES 'A tour de force of analytic discrimination, it is testimony to the necessity for plain prose and careful argument in educational discourse.' - Theory and Research in Education
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