Data Model Patterns

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"In recent years, companies have come to realize that their data represents a signficant corporate resource--along with capital and people. But, until recently, companies have not had a means to manage that resource. That has changed. With the advent of data warehouses and other data management technology, management tools for resource management are now becoming available. One critical tool is the metadata repository, which contains the definitions of the company's systems as well as the things of significance to the business; the functions of the business, and the things that constrain it. How do you model a metadata repository for your business, down to the last detail? This book fills that market need."


Chapter 1: About Metadata Models Chapter 2: Data Chapter 3: Activities, Functions, and Processes Chapter 4: Locations Chapter 5: People and Organizations Chapter 6: Events and Timing Chapter 7: Motivation Glossary References and Further Reading Index About the Author


"A very ambitious undertaking, masterfully described. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first published version of the detailed models implied by the Zachman Framework. David Hay builds the models one step at a time, describing in each increment why the new entities were added, and how they related to the rest of the model. At least as important he sprinkles in lessons learned from his vast experience modeling in various other industries." - Dave McComb, President, Semantic Arts, and author of Semantics in Business Systems "Dave Hay's latest book provides detailed metaschemas for the main concepts underlying the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, incorporating recent proposals from the Business Rules Group. By covering this vast territory in an easy-to-read style, Dave provides a valuable resource that should be of interest to data modeling professionals." - Terry Halpin, Neumont University
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