Power, Politics and Organizational Change

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`Many books on management are sanitized, cleanly technical accounts of the unreality of managerial life and work. Politics hardly feature. This book tells it like it is: it dishes the dirt, gets low-down, into the funky and fascinating politics of organizational life' - Stewart Clegg, Aston Business School and University of Technology, Sydney

Combining a practical and theoretical guide to the politics of organizational change, this book provides an exceptional resource to students of change management, and organizational behaviour.

Buchanan and Badham show how the change agent who is not politically skilled will fail, and that it is necessary to be able and willing to intervene in the political processes of the organization.

This revised edition includes a range of excellent new material and features, including:
- a new chapter on gender in approaches to organization politics
- a full range of teaching materials including case studies, incident reports, self-assessments, and more
- Each chapter recommends a feature film (or DVD) to illustrate aspects of organization politics
- fresh research evidence
- recent literature on the nature of entrepreneurial politics;
- a model of political expertise, and how that can be developed

This lively and engaging book is key to MBA and other Masters degree candidates taking courses in change management, and organizational behaviour. It will also be valuable for practising managers on tailored executive programmes in organization politics.


When Necessity Commands
The Terminology Game
Defining Power and Politics
Sit in Judgement
Men Behaving Badly
Women Behaving Badly
Entrepreneurial Heroes
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Power-assisted Steering
Accounting and Winning
Political Expertise
Why You Need It, and How To Develop It

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