101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home

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April 2007



101 THINGS YOU SHOULD DOBEFORE YOUR KIDS LEAVEHOME is packed with ideas andadvice designed to help parentsprepare their children for life outin the world, while making surethat both parents and kids enjoyevery precious moment. Fromstaging a food fight to serving ina soup kitchen, from planning a"tour de neighborhood" bike raceto telling family stories, some suggestionsare fun, some challenging,and others practical--but all willinspire parents with ideas for familytime before their kids leave the nest.


David Bordon was the former executive vice president and publisher of Honor Books, a leading publisher of inspirational books. Currently, Bordon serves as president of Bordon Books, an organization determined to bring inspiration and grace to the marketplace. Thomas J. Winters is a literary agent and has represented some of today's most highly recognized and bestselling Christian authors. He has four children, Allison, Michael, Scott, and Mason. He and his wife Michele make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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