Quagmire: Nation-Building and Nature in the Mekong Delta

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By exploring the delta as a quagmire in both natural and political terms, Biggs shows how engineered transformations of the Mekong Delta landscape-channelized rivers, a complex canal system, hydropower development, deforestation-have interacted with equally complex transformations in the geopolitics of the region.


David Biggs is associate professor of history at the University of California, Riverside.


"No one before Biggs has focused so intensely on the landscapes and waterscapes in which the Vietnam War was fought and their relationship to the complex colonial history of transformation that had been occurring for the century prior to the conflict."-William Cronon "This brilliantly researched book explains the part that the environment has played in several colonial schemes in the Mekong Delta and in America's most tragic war there, and how the environmental history of the Mekong Delta has been part of the process of nation-building in Vietnam."-Mart Stewart, Western Washington University "The delta, as natural and as it has been transformed throughout the past two hundred years or so, has played a decisive role in the successes (not many) and the failures (a lot of them) of colonial and post-colonial regimes, of the American war efforts, and of modernization and development. Biggs' focus on the muddied delta and its 'quagmire' characteristics that shaped every economic, agriculture, and political project is among the first of its kind on this subject. He did it quite well."-Thongchai Winichakul, University of Wisconsin-Madison "Quagmire... offers a neat and fresh storyline, explaining that nation-builders failed to understand the serpentine watercourses and landscapes of the Mekong Delta... Biggs, an environmentalist historian at the University of California in Riverside, is not a revisionist, nor does his approach conveniently fall into any other clique. Quagmire rather brings forward some of the latest thinking on Vietnamese history... Biggs shines a light on the everyday struggles of farmers and migrants not seen since David Elliott's 1500-page chronicle, The Vietnamese War, and Jeffrey Race's classic doctoral dissertation, War Comes to Long An." - Asian Affairs
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